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Hope from The Medical Missionaries of Mary

This is a letter posted from Sister Joanne the development director at The Medical Missionaries of Mary. As many of you know, a portion of the proceeds from The Rainwater Secret goes to the MMM's. As you can see from this newsletter article, they are continuing their care for others all over the world. I thought you might like to hear more about their mission.

Dear Friends,

Each year, I begin writing a communication with you in June shortly after I return from our Leadership Meetings in Dublin. I do not know how to convey to you the profound hope and resilience I found among all of us as we listened to each other about the reality of our MMM life today.

22 of us gathered for two weeks of meetings on Formation and Leadership. We had very able and gifted facilitators who guided us and empowered us to speak, to find answers and to recommend plans for the future. We were Irish, American, Ugandan, Nigerian, Brazilian, Tanzanian, Kenyan, and English and were representative of the reality of the Congregation today. Though our backgrounds and life experiences vary, for each of us we found a unity and sense of purpose in our vocation and call to healing mission that was a surprise and delight even to ourselves. Our realities are so different, yet something is holding us together in a common purpose. We would like to believe it is our Creator God calling and using us in small ways to "plant seeds of Hope" in our world.

We listened to stories of the violence, kidnapping, instability, and fear that are affecting us in many places but especially Nigeria, South Sudan and Honduras. We struggled to know how to support Sisters, Associates and Staff who desire to continue their mission in difficult situations, but who need support to do that.

We listened and grieved the many deaths of our Sisters, changing circumstances in Religious life, succession planning and closure of some cherished ministries and supported each other to find meaning and purpose to move forward through the grief and change which are leading to new life.

We rejoiced in our new ventures in Shogunle, Torugbene and Abajah in Nigeria and in Kampala and Kansiira in Uganda.

We celebrated, sang, danced, and laughed on a few evenings. I was also able to celebrate my Golden Jubilee with the other Sisters in our Motherhouse in Drogheda which was pure gift for me.

Blessing on each of you and your families,

With gratitude,

Sister Joanne

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