The world is terrible and wonderful at the same time.

I just finished reading Have You Seen Luis Velez? and really enjoyed it. It is easy to get frustrated with all the news lately and trying to wade through it all until you get your version of the truth. This passage from Have You Seen Luis Velez stuck with me as I was reading. "The world will still be a place where people do terrible things. But here's the thing about despair. We fall into despair when the terrible gangs up on us and we forget the world can also be wonderful. We just see terrible everywhere we look. So what you do for your friend is you bring up the wonderful, so both are side by side. The world is terrible and wonderful at the same time. One doesn't negate the other, but the wonderful keeps us in the game. It keeps us moving forward."

So, let's keep moving forward and try to see all the wonder the world has to offer. Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

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