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Into my life stepped Akwaji - Oluwa in the book

3rd installment on Akwaji:

Theoretically, a patient in a Leprosy Settlement pays a small sum on admission to cover the cost of his stay, be it one, five or ten years. Theoretically, because many a one presents himself to "Sista" as completely destitute and as an orphan without even a thirty-third cousin to call his own. Often the story is genuine. Sometimes it's not. If it's not, and if Sister is deceived, before very long someone will come along to inform her that "That man Sista give charity - money dere plenty, him brudder get big farm," or, "That man he too like fool Sista. Make Sista no agree for house until he agree for money." Then Sister holds her ground, and money will be produced before long. However, there are always exceptions, and here I was wondering if Akwaji was one of them. He was , very definitely. "Which man bring you?" I asked. "No man, I come me one." "You get father?" "You get mother?" "No mudder, Father and mudder done die long since." "Which man look you for your place?" "Brudder he dere. Brudder take other wife, wife no agree for Akwaji stay, she say Akwaji be leper-man, make he go. She done drive Akwaji."

Come back Thursday & Friday for the end of the story on Akwaji.

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