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More about Akwaji (Oluwa in the book)

Into my life stepped Akwaji (Oluwa in the book)

Usually the onlookers assist or hinder the conversation in cases like this - the amazing number of dialects makes it necessary to have not only one but several interpreters. Sometimes the "new man" will "savvy book small" and the questioning can be carried out in pidgin English, as was the case now. Already in my own mind, I had the situation summed up pretty well. Akwaji was alone and empty-handed. The smile and the loin cloth he wore seemed to be the full total of his worldly goods. It looked as if he was "heading strong" to come under the heading of "charities" as were already the greater number of those in the Settlement. These are the ones that come without any visible means of support and are entirely dependent on the Settlement for all the necessities of life.

Please come back each day this week to see more of Akwaji's story.

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