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"Doctor" Effiong - missing from his post...

Come back tomorrow to see what happens with "Doctor Effiong".

One day "Doctor" Effiong was missing from his post, a most unusual occurrence. Only illness could cause him to be absent. Yes, he was ill. In his little round house he lay on his bed, his features drawn in suffering, his skin dull and grey. Leprosy, and his was the worst type, had worked its havoc. His eyes, too full of pain to open, had lost their vision. He was brought to the hospital, but there he was restless and uneasy. He refused to eat, so after a couple of days, he was back in his own little home. He became calm and more reconciled. He would grope his way to the door to greet his visitors and sometimes his old smile would return as he answered our enquiries, "I thank God I am better small"

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