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3rd installment on "Doctor" Effiong

At 6 a.m., as regularly as clockwork, although he could not read the clock, his slim figure, white coat tails flapping, could be seen hastening with short quick steps toward the Treatment Centre. Well, sometimes he didn't hasten, for it is not easy to walk when one's feet are sore, and sometimes his poor feet had ulcers like the feet he was going to clean and dress at the Centre. There he had his small stool and his tray all ready and covered with a white cloth, underneath which was set out all the equipment required for the dressings. There he could work until the stream of patients gradually dwindled, then, placing his stool upside down on his head, and tray well covered again on top of the legs, he would set out on his rounds, visiting the houses of the patients whose feet were in no condition for walking.

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