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More about "Doctor" Effiong from Ogoja Leprosy Settlement.

More about "Doctor" Effiong from Ogoja Leprosy Settlement. Come back each day for another paragraph:

His morning's work began in the dressing centre. The centre would remind one of a shoe shop except that the seats and foot rests are fixed and of cement, and the feet that rest on them...well, no shoe would fit. He was a dresser, a capable, efficient dresser, trained by the Sisters. He wasn't the only dresser of course, quite a few were there to clean and bandage the ulcered feet and hands of the many who sat patiently waiting their turn at the stands. But somehow, it was always "Doctor" Effiong who attracted the attention of visitors. Maybe it was the deft way he handled forceps, or his gentleness and his, "Sorry, O!" as he touched a tender spot. Or, maybe it was his smile as he lifted his head and turned to greet the visitor or indeed it could have been his cap. Never was he seen without it, it was his trade mark, and let no one copy it! The said cap was a long white stocking, rendered by age beyond repair, cleverly rolled turban fashion and pulled down over his forehead, leaving the foot well knotted and dangling over his left ear.

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