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Another story about life in Ogoja Leprosy Settlement by Lily (Anna in the book)

I'm going to tell you another story about one of the lepers in the village that Lily (Anna) wrote about. Come back each day to read another paragraph! Also, if you have read the book (and liked it), please leave a review on Amazon!

Our "Doctor" Effiong

He was a most likeable little man with a particularly likeable smile, in fact his whole face smiled. If you happened to be out of sorts when you met him, before you left him, the dark mood would have lifted. Everyone called him "Doctor", and he answered to the title quite as a matter of course; indeed many of the children in the settlement were quite sure he was a doctor. I forgot to tell you our Dr. Effiong was a leper and had been one for years. He was not young by any means, having been one of the first to be treated by Dr. Joe Barnes when the Ogoja Leprosy Settlement was first established by Bishop McGettrick (MacKenna). He was like the corner stone of the settlement; he never left it, nor was he ever known to have a visitor. We really felt that he belonged, and knowing him, we had confidence in him.

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